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About Me


I was born in Kansas, raised in Oklahoma, and transplanted in Texas after a short tour in the U.S. Army.  My husband Mark and children Brandon and Katy keep me active and busy with school and events. The focus of my career has been in the electronics and telecom industries for over twenty years. But mostly, I love to create stories.

My mission is to write stories that show Godly character in action. Not to preach, and in so doing simply tell of God’s grace, but to show His love in action in the lives of my characters. Although doing so sometimes requires showing why they do what they do and believe what they believe.

I enjoy the Medieval Era and have read numerous books and articles, researched artwork, checked out websites, and attended fairs. I am enthralled with the time period, finding that many of my stories tend to be medieval adventures, although I tend to create lands of my own imaginings and with slight changes in culture to suite my taste.

Space travel and future speculation have intrigued me as well, so enjoy writing Science Fiction and Fantasy when the fancy alights. For many years I followed all the events surrounding NASA and space flight.

Non-Fiction is also part of my repertoire. Currently, The Christian Pulse - For Her section has printed several of my articles. Several pieces that are not in print were written for church and friends. And, I have created technical articles, operating procedures, and product brochures for various customers and employers.

When not creating stories in my head, I enjoy camping (yes in tents), gardening (although I'm not very good really with anything but flowers and vines), horseback riding (when I can), and raising my children. Being helpful and teaching others the few things I have learned engulfs all that I do and is often as source of both joy and pain for me.

I am a member of the American Christian Writers, the American Christian Fiction Writers, and North Texas Christian Writers. I have attended ITT Technical Institute, the Texas Christian University, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Texas at Arlington. I was a member of the Northside Baptist Church where I married my husband Mark in 1991 and now attend both the First Baptist Church in Arlington (where I assist in my brother's special needs class) and Grace Community Church (close to home and my heart).  

Currently, I am also working with Advocates for Special People, Megan's Crossing, Behaviorist On Call, and several individuals to set up and maintain their websites as these individuals have need. Creating connectivity to a growing world that is rapidly changing daily.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you around often. God bless and good journey.