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Keeping up with the Perez's

Posted by shamrickbooks on November 17, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Yesterday, a young girl named Jasmine was adopted by her foster family and became a permanent member of her very own family that could care for her. I attended her welcoming shower today and was in awe of the simplicity of her life.

You see, she is almost five but is severely handicapped. Yet in the four months I have known her, she has blossomed into a beautiful active girl, who is learning to walk, talk, and interact with her world. All just to keep up with her new family.

The Perez family is a loving, generous couple who have many foster children and several of their own. They pour out their hearts to every little one they can, no matter the challenges these children may face. They see them all as worthwhile individuals who just need loving care. And so has Jasmine proved just that.

With lots of brothers and sisters to talk to her and play with her, she has come out of her shell and begun to grow. Once listless eyes now shine as familiar people enter. Limp arms and legs now reach and stand. Hands now grasp with the beginnings of precision that allows her to feed herself and untie bows.

And most joyfully of all are the sounds she has discovered. Not the simple screams and moans of an infant, but the babbles and gurgles of the first sounds of speech. No. Yeah. Momma. Dadda. Now. All new words for a new child.

Singing, laughing, dancing, and playing, Jasmine has brightened our hearts and entered our world. Ready and eager to keep up with the Perez's. Go Jasmine.

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