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New Years Resolutions.

Posted by shamrickbooks on December 28, 2009 at 11:53 PM

Hum, goals. A good idea. But how to make them measurable and realistic and humble? I tend to go for the opposite.


1. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must have some type of order and my house is driving me up a wall. I would love to say it was as simple as cleaning it, but it isn't. I commit to cleaning out one room a month, reaching my complete goal no later than December. I pray God will see me through and encourage my family to assist.


2. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must have energy and stamina and health. The exhaustion from working all day to come home and work all evening is driving me up a wall. My husband and I have pledged to work out together at the least of three times a week for 30 minutes intervals. My daughter and son would benefit as well, so I plan to involve them as time goes by. Since both my husband and my daughter are struggling with back problems, we will work a little more carefully and slowly than when I was in the army, but I have faith God will see us through with this commitment and pray he does.


3. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must be centered in God and His will or all I write is for not and I have wasted my efforts which drives me up a wall. But I find that prayer, study of God's word, finding his will, and following in Gods way is not an individual and lone task to be accomplished by myself. I commit to sitting down with my family once a week and having a family prayer and bible study together. And I shall continue reading through the bible a chapter at a time and encourage my family to join me. I simply pray that God works in their heart to desire more time with him.


4. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must order my finances or they will drive me up a wall. My finances are a little helter-skelter. I have enjoyed my husband being availible for the kids during the summer and school, but miss his income. He has a possible job opportunity and I am hoping to get freelance jobs that I can do part time. All this of course would be according to God's will and I pray He blesses this effort to His glory. I have seen his leading, just not yet His timing. I pray He will reveal it to me.


My goals are set, but my course uncertain. All this is truly beyond my control. I pray God is good, gracious, and interferes in all my families desires and plans. For without His hand working, leading, guiding, and making it happen, It won't. I have learned this during the last year, full of strife and struggle to make it all work out. I have learned that I can't get my house in order by myself. God will have to do it. I'm just here to lend a hand and follow directions.


Well, this is a little long. Sorry. As you might have noticed, I have been considering this quite a bit.



May you have a blessed and godly new year, and it is my prayer that He will richly "interfere" in your 2010.

Shae Hamrick

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1 Comment

Reply nancy atkission
1:19 PM on January 11, 2010 
Thank you for this blog posting. As a believer feeling the call to write, I have experienced this "getting my house in order so I So encouraging to hear of someone else experiencing this and I concur ... all of this is all up to Him.
Blessings to you!