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Half of 2010 Lost in Reality

Posted by shamrickbooks on May 26, 2010 at 9:58 PM

June is almost upon us. Isn't it amazing how fast time can fly? So many things have gone by. Birthdays and accidents. Surgery and Holidays. Prayers and healing. The end of another school year fast approaches. All things must pass away to reveal the new. And the stories I could have written and didn't have the with all to write.


Life is good. After my accident on March 26, 2010 everything changed. Life slowed to a crawl and what was important became skewed. I lost my car, broke my wrist, and took my first ambulance ride to the hospital that I would a week later have my first surgery in. Wow, so many firsts. I am recovering. I have forgiven. I have rested. So much I could have done with the time but didn't have the energy or the mobility to accomplish. I think God is much wiser than I. Instead, I was forced to rest. Rest is good you know. Things are just things.


Still, time has passed and it is time to get back to work. What work exactly, I'm not quite certain as everything I was doing still seems so hopeless, but at least it is something to work at. I know God has a purpose for me, I just don't know what it is yet. Still, the not knowing is okay. I see Him working in my life every day (although sometimes after the fact) and I know He is still with me. I just wish I had a road map or sketch or something to know what road I am on. Not that I would change anything particularly, I just like to know where I am and if I am making any progress. Am I going the right way and doing the right things. Am I working when I should and resting when I need to rest? It seems I have gotten lost in reality.


(Snicker). I watch a show called "Dr. Who" sometimes. It is a BBC show. (From Great Britain). The main character is a Time Lord called The Doctor. He runs around in time and space fighting "monsters" who are bent on destruction of one kind or another. He always has someone with him, a companion who is usually a woman from Earth. She is always somewhat infatuated by The Doctor and invariably lost in what ever reality they land in. Some times I feel like that - Infatuated by God and lost in the reality I live in.


In the show, The Doctor always manages to "Save the Day", although not without cost. There is always a cost. The same I find is true in my life. I make mistakes. The world presses in. The evil one schemes, plots, plans, and attacks. But God always comes to my rescue and "Saves the Day". Yet there is always a cost. Something must always change and will never be the same. It is the way of nature. It is the way of life. It is God's way.


I just hope some day he will show me the map of my journey and say well done good and faithful servant. Well done.

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