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Elements of a Good Story

  1. Structure - Three Acts - Outlining
    1. Beginnings - Intro to characters life, the shakeup in his world, and the event or decision of no return (door number one).
    2. Middles - Rising of conflict, constant setbacks, decisions to move forward and growth, approaching of a major confrontation, and another event or decision of no return (door number two).
    3. Ends -Reaching the final climax (the final decision of change, the black moment), the point where everything before comes together in one moment of decision and choice (door number three). Followed of course by the wrapping up of all the loose ends and closing all threads.
  2. Plot and Theme
    1. Basic plot formula and theme. Plot- Someone, with a goal, runs into opposition, and ends powerfully. Theme - Lesson to be learned. 
    2. Some types of plots
      1. The Quest
      2. The Revenge
      3. Love Themes
      4. Adventure - The Journey
      5. The Chase - Escape
      6. One Against the World/Mob
      7. One Apart from Everyone
      8. Power Struggle
      9. Allegory
    3. The Most Powerful Stories
  3. Themes, Takeaways, and Premises
    1. Themes - core ideas
    2. Takeaways - what is taught in the story
    3. Premise - the argumentative statement or question that is the basis of the whole story.
  4. Genres
    1. Fiction
    2. Non-fiction
    3. Others
  5. Details in a Good Story
    1. Point of View (POV)
    2. Dialog
    3. Descriptions, emotions, and impressions
    4. Characterization - Protagonist and Antagonist
      1. Goals, Motivation, and Conflict
      2. Descriptions, quirks, habits, and preferences
      3. Background, history, and influences
    5. Hooks, Weasel words, and Active VS Passive
  6. Critiques
    1. Groups
    2. Paid
    3. Contests
    4. And your next door neighbor