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Plenty of Room

Plenty of Room

By Shae Hamrick



I walk through a house strewn full of clutter. Piles of paper, videos, games, clothes, and just plain stuff lay stacked in every crevice, nook, and cranny. As I pass my daughter's room, I pause. She sits on her bed, the old cell phone with a broken case glued to her ear.

"When will you pick up this floor and straighten the shelves?"

"In a minute, just hold on." She waves a hand to shoo me away. I shake my head and step to my son's room.

"I thought I said to get these towels out to the laundry."

He glances at me and fixes his eyes back on the TV's blinking lights as he punches the buttons on his controls and leans to the left. "Okay."

The living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the patio room, and even the garage are bulging with things we must carefully pick through to find what we need at this moment. A vicious cycle; find, use, stack. And stack. And stack.

Looking around me, I see half completed projects and work needing to be done. On my computer wait five different email accounts and hundreds of correspondences needing answered. I just went through two weeks worth of paper mail, six to eight inches deep, and only managed to sort out the junk. The papers to be filed or needing immediate attention were put aside for when I have another moment (which probably won't be for a while). Note to self - pay the electric bill.

I work nine to six and come home to more work. Will it ever end?

I asked, prayed, hoped, and begged of the Lord. "Please just make it all go away."

I want to quit. Stay home with my kids and family. I crave to write and write and write some more. Yet that doesn't get the bills paid. So I work. Still the money goes to the bills that I have no hope of keeping up with. When did it get so expensive?

I work with the mentally and physically challenged individuals and organizations when I can. I help them out at events and trips and games and church. I help them with websites and flyers and fundraisers. I would help them out more but it doesn't pay and I can't quit to volunteer. When did helping become so difficult?

"Get your home in order and the rest will come," I hear the Lord say over and over. Yet I don't know how. I ask how and find no answer. I strive and find no progress. I wait and find only frustration. When will I figure out how to obey so simple a command?

I drive to work, listening to the radio and thinking on such things. I listen often to Christian radio stations. I enjoy the moment to absorb bible teaching. Sometimes I just turn it all off and enjoy some quiet time. During one of those times, a new thought slipped into my mind. "Get your home in spiritual order, and the rest will come."

Like the dawning of the day, the thought slowly fills my brain and I realize that all this time I have been striving to get the wrong house in order. It isn't my house with all its stuff. It's my family and myself. My spiritual house is what needs ordering. So I embark on a new journey to fulfill God's decree, "make disciples of all men." And women. And children. And my family. My whole family.

Want to join me? We have plenty of room.