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Slow Slide into Sin

Slow Slide into Sin

By Shae Hamrick


"Mom, the speed limit's 40," my daughter said as I sped down the street to take her to a friend's house. I was eager to return in order to finish as much as I could on a project. She always asks to be driven somewhere when I'm in the middle of something. I sighed and slowed from 45 to 40.

Over the last several weeks, I have noticed my tendency to push the boundaries of right and wrong. Listening to the news, I wonder about our nation's tendency to change what is right and what is wrong. A bill was put forth to protect the sanctity of marriage, one man to one woman. This is still fought heatedly over and may yet be overturned by the justice system set forth to protect us.

At the same time, measures are pushed to protect gays' right to employment under the hate crimes bill. Isn't that an issue for the equal employment act? Our freedom of speech, protected by the first amendment, is threatened by other proposed changes to the same bill. When did it become wrong to have opposing ideas or to exercise our rights to express them?

Did Sodom and Gomorrah start out this way? Was it just a compromise here and a changing of rights there? Yet in their time, they were cities known for their sin.

Like pushing the speed limit, are we pushing the moral limits as well? Are America and the American people compromising too much? King David had a similar problem.

Here was a man God declared as someone after his own heart. Yet he too compromised and stayed when he should have gone to war with his army. He had fought many battles and was further on in years. Surely he deserved a rest. To stay home, just this once. In this indulgence, he found himself tempted. Rather than turn away or deny himself a wrongful pleasure, he slipped into sin. He had several wives with many children. Yet, what he couldn't have is what he wanted the most. Another man's wife.

Where do we draw the line? Where do we stop the slow slide into sin?

I have chosen to stop at God's drawn line found in the Bible. His word tells us what the wrong choices are and some of their consequences. He gave us the right to choose, whether rightly or wrongly. I must accept that everyone must choose for himself or herself but I will also warn them of the consequences.

My daughter does not agree when I tell her that not turning in or completing her homework is just as wrong as driving too fast. I remind her that the consequence will be to repeat the same work again next year when she is in the same grade once more.

To give in to small temptations has a result that builds. Like a frog in the cold pot of water that slowly begins to heat, we acclimatize and accept our surroundings. Soon, we are nothing more than frog legs on a plate served for dinner. To be complacent about warning others of the dangers has dire consequences also. Some of those caught in the pot, unknown to us, may be our friends and relatives. We have to be wary of that slow slide of compromise that leads to wrong actions. If we don't take a stand, right and wrong slips away, and we find we are no better than those who perished in Sodom and Gomorrah.