Shae Hamrick

Stories, Ideas, Books, and Medieval Research

Hello! I'm Shae Hamrick.

Welcome to my web site.

This is where I write about writing, write about working, write about family, and, most importantly, write about God.

Here you can find...

My Blog posts, aka, My Incites (Ramblings) & Views.

A Bookstore where you can read about or order my novels, short stories, and anthologies, plus a few select books by other authors.

About Me page. A brief bio about yours truly, Shae Hamrick. Feel free to skip this? unless you insist. Then, I suppose, if you must.

A Contact page. (Guess what you can do there!)

The Media Kit, which is mainly for bloggers & news people. It's info nuggets from the About Me page, regarding my publications, and downloadable photos.

Research and Resources! An odds & ends collection of interesting links related to writing and to anything I've written about that I might need more information on. Yes, I do use my own website as a resource.

So step right in and explore....


Well Come
(as Angela, Kevin, and Celdane would say).

(The appropriate response is Well Met, by the way.)