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Writing and Car Commercials Collide

Posted by shamrickbooks on April 8, 2014 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)

It is strange what you can learn from a simple commercial. It was not intended by the advertiser, I am certain. I couldn't even tell you which car was being advertised. All I can tell you is that the Muppets were in the commercial.

This really was a great commercial. I hated it at first as it seemed childish and it's sad that I can't remember what the car is. But I did learn something from it.

The other day I receive a critique on my recent work under edit. I thought I had improved it tremendously. Well, I had but as always there is something I missed. I was reminded that I had 50 pages of banter and then when the action arrived, it occurred off stage. Okay, a slight flaw in my plot that I was trying to fix with the addition of the spy but, in truth, I hadn't fixed anything. I just added more words and a new twist. Good, but not great.

So what is a writer to do. Start over? This was the first of my WIP and any changes would potentially complete change the pages that followed. How to add more action?

Then along comes a commercial about a new 2014 car. The scene starts like most car commercials with the happy couple driving on a country road, enjoying the luxuries the narrator is busy listing off on the background of orchestra music. Then ... Wham! The Muppets pop in the car shouting "Boring!". The scene changes to the Muppets driving the car away from the commercial filming set and off into the city or country, while using Muppets to show off the features of the car and singing a sing-along style song about the cars features. Those I remembered.

That's when it happens. I had not even been thinking about my story directly at that moment. I was going through the details of the marketing strategy I was working on prepping. All of the sudden, I see the Muppets popping out of my story singing "Boring!" Wham! It hit me. I was making the same mistake with this WIP as the commercial people were trying to imply that other car commercials did. I had written what I thought was a great, traditional, epic styled story. In reality, I had written a boring, talk, talk story and I was trying for an action adventure.

Okay, so the take away here is "Don't Write Boring". I get it. Now, just how to fix it? Maybe I can throw in some Muppets?

Keeping up with the Perez's

Posted by shamrickbooks on November 17, 2012 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday, a young girl named Jasmine was adopted by her foster family and became a permanent member of her very own family that could care for her. I attended her welcoming shower today and was in awe of the simplicity of her life.

You see, she is almost five but is severely handicapped. Yet in the four months I have known her, she has blossomed into a beautiful active girl, who is learning to walk, talk, and interact with her world. All just to keep up with her new family.

The Perez family is a loving, generous couple who have many foster children and several of their own. They pour out their hearts to every little one they can, no matter the challenges these children may face. They see them all as worthwhile individuals who just need loving care. And so has Jasmine proved just that.

With lots of brothers and sisters to talk to her and play with her, she has come out of her shell and begun to grow. Once listless eyes now shine as familiar people enter. Limp arms and legs now reach and stand. Hands now grasp with the beginnings of precision that allows her to feed herself and untie bows.

And most joyfully of all are the sounds she has discovered. Not the simple screams and moans of an infant, but the babbles and gurgles of the first sounds of speech. No. Yeah. Momma. Dadda. Now. All new words for a new child.

Singing, laughing, dancing, and playing, Jasmine has brightened our hearts and entered our world. Ready and eager to keep up with the Perez's. Go Jasmine.

Pray In Everything

Posted by shamrickbooks on September 3, 2012 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21

Have you ever started out doing what you thought you should be doing only to be thwarted at every turn? What was God doing? Why was He allowing all these roadblocks and difficulties? Didn't He know how hard you were working at doing all this for Him?

How many times do we start out on a path we think is right, only to find that this was not really God's will for us in the first place? I know I have a very bad habit of doing something before checking with God. A little time in prayer before I began a project might have saved me oodles and boodles of time and wasted effort. Truth is, prayer is the first thing I should have done and is often one of the last I get around to when I reach a rough spot.

Not every thing I do may really need His approval; laundry, sweeping, sleeping, cleaning, driving, and so on. These are mundane tasks that He knows needs to be done. But would they not probably be easier and less frazzled if we prayed for God's direction and strength in our everyday tasks. He does care about those tasks as well as the bigger ones, such as what college to attend, what degree to major in, what jobs to apply for, who to marry, should we have kids or wait, what mission trips to go on or to sponsor, or how to help that pesky neighbor in God's way? These are the bigger questions and certainly need prayer before embarking on them, but we need to pray about our everyday lives and our every day mistakes as well, for He wants to be there for them too.

So remember each day, no matter how hum drum the day's tasks, to stop first and pray for God's guidance, protection, forgiveness, and strength for this day. You may just find your days going a lot smoother and, at the very least, with the grace of God to reach tomorrow.

God bless, and pray before you plan. Amen.

Half of 2010 Lost in Reality

Posted by shamrickbooks on May 26, 2010 at 9:58 PM Comments comments (0)

June is almost upon us. Isn't it amazing how fast time can fly? So many things have gone by. Birthdays and accidents. Surgery and Holidays. Prayers and healing. The end of another school year fast approaches. All things must pass away to reveal the new. And the stories I could have written and didn't have the with all to write.


Life is good. After my accident on March 26, 2010 everything changed. Life slowed to a crawl and what was important became skewed. I lost my car, broke my wrist, and took my first ambulance ride to the hospital that I would a week later have my first surgery in. Wow, so many firsts. I am recovering. I have forgiven. I have rested. So much I could have done with the time but didn't have the energy or the mobility to accomplish. I think God is much wiser than I. Instead, I was forced to rest. Rest is good you know. Things are just things.


Still, time has passed and it is time to get back to work. What work exactly, I'm not quite certain as everything I was doing still seems so hopeless, but at least it is something to work at. I know God has a purpose for me, I just don't know what it is yet. Still, the not knowing is okay. I see Him working in my life every day (although sometimes after the fact) and I know He is still with me. I just wish I had a road map or sketch or something to know what road I am on. Not that I would change anything particularly, I just like to know where I am and if I am making any progress. Am I going the right way and doing the right things. Am I working when I should and resting when I need to rest? It seems I have gotten lost in reality.


(Snicker). I watch a show called "Dr. Who" sometimes. It is a BBC show. (From Great Britain). The main character is a Time Lord called The Doctor. He runs around in time and space fighting "monsters" who are bent on destruction of one kind or another. He always has someone with him, a companion who is usually a woman from Earth. She is always somewhat infatuated by The Doctor and invariably lost in what ever reality they land in. Some times I feel like that - Infatuated by God and lost in the reality I live in.


In the show, The Doctor always manages to "Save the Day", although not without cost. There is always a cost. The same I find is true in my life. I make mistakes. The world presses in. The evil one schemes, plots, plans, and attacks. But God always comes to my rescue and "Saves the Day". Yet there is always a cost. Something must always change and will never be the same. It is the way of nature. It is the way of life. It is God's way.


I just hope some day he will show me the map of my journey and say well done good and faithful servant. Well done.

New Years Resolutions Revisited

Posted by shamrickbooks on February 25, 2010 at 10:14 PM Comments comments (0)

Ack! and Alas! I began a wonderful post on Monday only to time out after having to step away and lost it all.... Really have my house in order don't I? :)


Well, not to worry. I have chosen not to bore you with all the gritty details. Simply put. It is a struggle and I am still striving at my goals. Three steps forward and two steps back. Sigh. Ah well, it's progress at least.


I think now that I have set such lofty goals and have had time to re-evaluate them, I need to make some sub goals. I also need to take heed of my latest article in the Christian Pulse (see the home page for a link to my newest baby) and remember that some of my goals involve others with interruptions and goals of their own. It is hard to coordinate when you aren't truly in control of anything. So I'll leave that to God and work as best I can with prayer.


Well, off to the list of 50,000 things to finish this week.


Don't be a stranger. Stop in and say hi now and then.


God bless.

New Years Resolutions.

Posted by shamrickbooks on December 28, 2009 at 11:53 PM Comments comments (1)

Hum, goals. A good idea. But how to make them measurable and realistic and humble? I tend to go for the opposite.


1. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must have some type of order and my house is driving me up a wall. I would love to say it was as simple as cleaning it, but it isn't. I commit to cleaning out one room a month, reaching my complete goal no later than December. I pray God will see me through and encourage my family to assist.


2. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must have energy and stamina and health. The exhaustion from working all day to come home and work all evening is driving me up a wall. My husband and I have pledged to work out together at the least of three times a week for 30 minutes intervals. My daughter and son would benefit as well, so I plan to involve them as time goes by. Since both my husband and my daughter are struggling with back problems, we will work a little more carefully and slowly than when I was in the army, but I have faith God will see us through with this commitment and pray he does.


3. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must be centered in God and His will or all I write is for not and I have wasted my efforts which drives me up a wall. But I find that prayer, study of God's word, finding his will, and following in Gods way is not an individual and lone task to be accomplished by myself. I commit to sitting down with my family once a week and having a family prayer and bible study together. And I shall continue reading through the bible a chapter at a time and encourage my family to join me. I simply pray that God works in their heart to desire more time with him.


4. To get my house in order. In order to write, I must order my finances or they will drive me up a wall. My finances are a little helter-skelter. I have enjoyed my husband being availible for the kids during the summer and school, but miss his income. He has a possible job opportunity and I am hoping to get freelance jobs that I can do part time. All this of course would be according to God's will and I pray He blesses this effort to His glory. I have seen his leading, just not yet His timing. I pray He will reveal it to me.


My goals are set, but my course uncertain. All this is truly beyond my control. I pray God is good, gracious, and interferes in all my families desires and plans. For without His hand working, leading, guiding, and making it happen, It won't. I have learned this during the last year, full of strife and struggle to make it all work out. I have learned that I can't get my house in order by myself. God will have to do it. I'm just here to lend a hand and follow directions.


Well, this is a little long. Sorry. As you might have noticed, I have been considering this quite a bit.



May you have a blessed and godly new year, and it is my prayer that He will richly "interfere" in your 2010.

Shae Hamrick


Posted by shamrickbooks on November 16, 2009 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have so much to be thankful for this year.


I am thankful my family is healthy and doing well, despite small set backs. He is gracious and each problem has resulted in growth, learning, and healing for us all in my little family.


I am thankful for all of my writers groups. Being apart of such a wonderful group of writers has been a blessing. ---  To have someone that understands when I hear voices in my head and see scenes play out in my mind, my husband thinks I'm crazy. To have someone to talk with that enjoys taking apart a book or a movie to find out how it was made, my family have refused to watch movies with me anymore unless I promise not the tell the ending by the first half. And to have friends that simply know what I mean when I go off on some tangent because there is a story in whatever just crossed my path that it would fit into. This means more to me than anything but God and my family.


And I am thankful for the Journey God has set before me as I see the path clearing and his calling toward greater fulfillment than I thought would be possible this direction. As one path fades into nothing and the door infront of me close, I see now another door opening and a new path emerging as I open to his leading. I pray it will be a long and fruitful path for us both.


I hope everyone has a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving this year. God Bless.

Chocolates and Rainbows

Posted by shamrickbooks on October 28, 2009 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Life is funny. Unlike Forest , I would not compare it to a box of chocolates. Although you really do not know what you will get (without the guide printed on the top), life is not so sweet. I love chocolate. What woman doesn't?


 Life however... life is more like chasing the rainbow. When you focus on that rainbow, life is wonderful. But you can never quite reach it. Around you, the rain is pouring, the wind is blowing, the ground is muddy and slippery, and the sun keeps disappearing behind another dark cloud. Focus on these things too much and you suddenly wonder why you should even try?


Life best lived is hung in the balance between these two. Focus on the rainbow, and the glorious glimpses of sunlight that create the brilliant colors, and you can do almost anything. But keep an eye on your surroundings as well. In it you will find obstacles to avoid, paths to get you through, and friends who have gotten lost along the way. Gather together, work with each other, and someday ... just someday ... you will find you have actually reached the end of the rainbow. And you have brought company along to enjoy it with.


Well come to my new web site

Posted by shamrickbooks on October 19, 2009 at 11:34 PM Comments comments (0)

Well come to my new website.


I will be trying to keep up with a running blog so check back every so often. I am hoping to put some thing here as I work on articles and stories for your pursal.


If you enjoyed it, let me know. If not and you have helpful suggestions, please feel free. But please be kind. We are all trying to get through life the best we can and need each others encouragement.


Thanks, Shae.

By the way, the correct response to well come is "well met".